Relieving Holiday Stress in Pets

The holidays are hectic. There are gifts to buy, events to attend, parties to host, and family to see. Our schedules become quickly flooded with To Dos, and while it can be a huge source of stress for you, you’ve probably not considered how it affects your pet.

The burden of a packed schedule can leave your furry friends feeling confused and lonely. They may experience heightened levels of stress or anxious feelings as you come and go, and as people less familiar to them come in and out of their house. Below are great tips to help you and your pet make it through the holidays as gracefully as possible.

Relieving Holiday Stress in Pets

6 Tips for Relieving Holiday Stress in Pets

  1. Stick to a routine We know, we just talked about how busy and erratic schedules can be this season. It is expected that you will be in and out of the house more frequently than normal. That’s why it is even more important to stick to a routine while you are at home. Whenever possible, make sure your pet is fed, given their medications or CBD supplements, let outside or ushered to bed at regular times. Controlling what you can for them will help them feel more secure and less anxious through the holiday season.
  2. Get your heart rate up This is mutually-beneficial for you and your pet. It is likely that your pooch is seeing a lot more of the inside of your house than the outside these days. If weather permits, get some exercise by going for a brisk walk. If going for a walk isn’t an option, get on the floor and play with them. Let them get some of their energy out while also giving them some much needed attention.
  3. The power of touch Pets are no different than people. They want to be touched, cuddled and petted. When our schedules are busy and frantic at the holidays, we might think of every other thing we need to do before we think about giving a good belly rub or hug to our pet. Be mindful of your pet’s need for attention and for touch. If possible, try and schedule a 5-10 minute snuggle session before bed and before you leave in the morning.
  4. Ask for help If you are going to be gone long hours, ask a family member, friend or nearby neighbor to stop by and take care of your pet. Especially if you won’t be home at meal time, having someone stop by to feed your pet will help relieve their anxieties as they wait by the door not knowing why you aren’t home to feed them!
  5. Focus on their waistline, too I know, we all seem to be so focused on our own diets that it sounds weird to think about our pets, but it is so important to be aware of the extra treats your pet may be getting as those extra treats can lead to upset stomachs and digestive irregularities. This is especially important to keep in mind if you are hosting a party. You need to keep an eye out for people who might be trying to sneak you pal table scraps. Guests mean well, but may not know the house rules on table scraps or may just simply overdo it. We suggest giving pets a regular dose of CBD oil to help calm their stomachs and aid their digestive process in advance of big parties.
  6. Know your pet’s limits If you are hosting a get-together, keep in mind how your pet reacts to guests in their house. Having a party of 30 family members crowded in your living room might be too much for your furry friend. You might serve them better to keep them in a separate part of the house with their favorite toy and a sound machine. CBD oil can also help them feel relaxed and calmer as they snuggle their toys.

With a bit of forethought and planning, it’s very possible to make the holidays a much more enjoyable experience for the fur babies in your life!