How Pets Benefit from CBD Use

Not sure if CBDs will work for you? Why not try asking someone who has used it? Or perhaps, watch how they impact your family pet. Like your dog or cat.

Yep, you read that right.

CBD use is becoming increasingly common among pet owners to help with a variety of troubles their furry friends may have.

How Pets Benefit from CBD Use

How Pets Benefit from CBD Use

Just like humans, dogs and cats have specific cannabinoid receptor sites. These receptor sites make up the endocannabinoid system, located mostly in the brain and central nervous system, as well as throughout the organs and cells in their bodies. These receptor sites are responsible for telling the body how to regulate certain processes like digestion, sleep, pain and mood.

Dogs and cats are finding much like their human companions that CBDs are helping them live better lives. Below are just a few of the ways CBDs are commonly being used to help dogs and cats.

  • CBDs can reduce occurrences of diarrhea in dogs and cats with sensitives stomachs
  • CBDs appear to alleviate swollen joints and improve mobility in pets
  • High energy or easily agitated dogs tend to have calmer moods with CBD use
  • Dogs and cats who suffer from anxious behaviors when separated from their owners have calmer responses to being left alone

As with humans, animals who benefit from CBDs are consuming little to no THC. So, you will not be getting Fido “high” after giving him CBD. Having your pet try CBDs for relief from ordinary aches and pains, digestive or mood issues is natural and safe. The very minor side effects that have been reported are not life threatening and include upset stomachs, itchiness and drowsiness.

Currently you can provide CBD to your pet with a tincture or oil-infused yummy treat, capsules and topicals. Just be cautious about other flavorings or additives in the products that could be counterproductive to the natural care you are seeking for your four-legged friend. At CR World we find that pet owners have the most flexibility with the coconut oil. The oil can be applied topically, dropped in the mouth, added to water, dropped onto a treat, on the edge of the ear or even placed on a pet’s paws where they will lick it off.