Men’s Health & CBD Use

In May, we celebrated the women in our lives by focusing on the benefits of CBDs for females with health conditions like menopause and PMS. Just because men don’t suffer from cramps and hot flashes doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from regular CBD use. While current research is lacking a specific focus on the benefits of CBD use on men’s health, we are regularly seeing an uptick in CBD use among professional athletes and veterans, which are both predominantly male populations.

That’s why in June, we honor and highlight the well-being of the men in our lives while we celebrate Father’s Day.

Men's Health and CBD Use

Men’s Health & CBD Use

CBD Use among Veterans

Our veterans serve our country well beyond their time spent enlisted in the military. Often, our service men and women are tending to the scars of war long after the war has ended with the PTSD, anxiety and depression they have to face down every day. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is prevalent in anyone who has experienced an intense scary and/or dangerous event. These individuals experience what are known as “triggers”, which can exist in certain smells, sights, sounds or environments. When an individual with PTSD encounters a trigger, the result is an over-anxious panicked reaction to their surroundings, even if they are completely safe.

It is clear why so many of our veterans come home and are diagnosed with PTSD. It is also clear why we are seeing an uptick in CBD use among our veterans, and in particular, our veterans who are diagnosed with PTSD. The cannabinoids in CBD oil help block the mood receptors and memory flashbacks that are triggered in those with PTSD. Blocking these mood receptors helps to reprogram the brain’s response in certain situations and, over time, can help to limit the symptoms of PTSD.

Insomnia is another common complication our veterans experience when returning home from war. Sometimes the insomnia is brought on as a side effect to PTSD and sometimes it is a separate condition. Veterans who have incorporated CBDs into their daily routines have found they experience more restful sleep and ease of initially falling asleep. This is because CBDs and Cannabis impact the amount of time you spend asleep as well as in deep sleep by helping all systems in the body to relax.

CBD Use in Athletes

One of the most common uses for CBD is for joint pain and muscle soreness; I’m not sure you can find a football player who doesn’t suffer from one of these from time to time or even chronically! Needless to say, athletes are beginning to incorporate cannabis into their training and/or recovery routines. Ex-football legend, Joe Montana, is reportedly a fan of CBDs, attributing its use to relief from joint inflammation and other symptoms from old injuries. Cannabinoids actively work with your body to decrease pain, inflammation, nausea and muscle spasms, which can all result from years of hard training. CBD can also be useful day to day after intense workouts for those athletes currently training and competing.

Men’s Cancer and CBD Use

A final topic that has affected many of our fathers and husbands is prostate cancer. In 2014, approximately 233,000 men in the United States were diagnosed with prostate cancer (14% of all cancer diagnoses), and approximately 29,480 men passed away as a result (5% of all cancer deaths). An in-vitro study (i.e., outside of the body, e.g., studying individual cells under a microscope) published in Oncology Reports in January 2015 found that stimulation of cannabinoid receptors helped to stimulate apoptosis (i.e., programmed cell death). Research is continuing to develop but the work done so far is groundbreaking!

The beauty of all natural treatments like CBDs is how unrestrictive they are when it comes to serving a variety of demographics. Men, women, young, elderly, athletes and the inactive can all benefit from the use of CBDs.