Recover Well from a Workout with CBD

There is a lot of talk about how CBDs are beneficial for minor aches and pains such as muscle stiffness and joint inflammation. With baby boomers well into their senior years, it makes sense that these benefits would be highly publicized. However, if you are a young, strapping athlete, CBDs are still for you!

If you think about it, many of the symptoms of aging are similar to the symptoms of a great workout. Muscle soreness, stiffness, inflammation……if you’ve ever done CrossFit, you know about these things. It would be short-sighted to think that the benefits of CBDs couldn’t transfer to the neighborhood athlete. Actually, there is a long list of professional athletes singing the praises of regular CBD use for a speedier and more comfortable recovery.

How to Use CBDs for Workout Recovery

Using CBDs for Workout Recovery

Inflammation: CBD use pre and post workout has shown promising results for reducing inflammation. Inflammation occurs from normal wear and tear as a result of a hard workout as well as a result of injury.

Pain: There are a lot of reasons you may have pain post-workout. You either over-did it, did just enough OR you hurt yourself. Regardless of why you are experiencing pain post workout, CBD can potentially alleviate pains due to it being an analgesic.

Muscle Spasms: Maybe you did a lot of calf raises or you didn’t drink enough water. Or both. Now it’s 2am and you have a massive spasm in your calf that wakes you and your spouse. Maybe you did too many deadlifts with bad forms and your lower back starts spasming as a result. Whatever the reason for a muscle spasm, they hurt and are a nuisance. CBDs have shown to potentially reduce muscle spasms in athletes.

Nausea: You thought it would be a good idea to try a boot camp class… until you were getting sick on the gym floor. Ever wonder why nausea like this can occur during a strenuous workout? The reason is that exercise pulls blood to your extremities and as a result, away from your stomach, causing nausea. Cannabis has anti-emetic (vomiting) effects.

How Should I Use CBDs for my Workout Recovery?

You might be wondering what the best way to use CBDs is if you are an athlete. What we love about CBDs is that there is no rule book on how to use them to treat different things. Tinctures are probably the most universal way to take the supplement and absorbed most quickly into the blood stream. With a tincture, you would place a few drops under your tongue pre and post workout. Don’t be scared of the taste; a quick swig of water and you won’t even notice it.

Another fabulous way to enjoy CBDs as a recovery post-workout is to use a balm to rub directly on sore muscles. If you’re lucky, you might just find a friend or loved one willing to give you a little massage.

And last but not least, you can always take a CBD supplement in pill form. This might take a bit longer to get into your bloodstream, but the effects will be long lasting and if it is partnered with coconut oil, can help with the nausea / digestive issues even more.

If you are still unsure, continue to do your research and find a brand you are confident in and give it a try. CBDs are arguably one of the most all-natural ways to sooth and heal your body. Don’t just recover. Recover well.