How to Identify High-Quality CBD Products

If you are new to CBD (Cannabidiol), the most important thing for you to know is how it is different from hemp and marijuana. The most unfortunate misconception about CBD is that it has the same or similar psychedelic affects commonly attributed to marijuana use, when in fact, CBDs are naturally derived from cannabis plants and do not contain the THC elements found in marijuana. THC is the component of marijuana that produces the “high” users refer to during use. Since CBD and THC are derived from the same cannabis plant, it has been stigmatized as just another psychedelic drug and is widely overlooked for its healing capabilities.

Similarly, CBD is often lumped into the same category as hemp. While the two popular products can be derived from the same plant, they are extracts from different parts of the plant and serve very different purposes. Cannabidiols are used medicinally while hemp is often used as a protein supplement or a corrective treatment for skin and hair (e.g. lotions, hair conditioners, etc.).

Not only are there great misconceptions and uneducated social stigmas associated with CBDs, there is the added challenge of fraudulent products in the CBD industry as the FDA struggles to keep up with the booming CBD market. Since the market is not heavily regulated, the doors are open for companies to advertise and sell CBD products that contain low to no amount of CBD whatsoever.

This makes it crucial for anyone new to CBDs to understand how to identify a high-quality CBD product and how to spot a fraud.

How to Identify High-Quality CBD

How to Identify High-Quality CBD Products

Consider the CBD Source

You want to make sure your CBD is derived from high quality material. Make sure you investigate where a brand is sourcing their hemp. US farmers must be licensed by state departments of agriculture. If possible, finding a US grown hemp can ensure better quality.

The Amount of THC

CBD is NOT meant to get you high. Your CBD should contain no more the .3% of THC. If it is more than that, it is likely the CBD was derived from a marijuana plant and not a hemp plant.

The Whole Plant

High-quality CBD comes from manufacturers that use the whole plant. Brand labels should reference whether the product was made from a “whole” plant or “full spectrum” plant extraction process.

CBD Production Methods

Unregulated industries can undoubtedly be dangerous to your health if you don’t know what you are looking for. CBD products that have a price point that seems too good to be true, probably are. Extracting CBD oil is a delicate process and cheap brands often use dangerous extraction methods that involve toxic solvents. No one wants more toxins!


A high-quality CBD company should be transparent. All the information you should need to determine whether the product is legitimate should be readily available to you on the website, packaging, or on demand. More importantly, a legitimate brand should have 3rd party lab results that are recent and available for review. If they are not readily available on the website, don’t be shy about asking for them. Another sign of a good quality CBD brand is great customer service.

And finally, use your own intuition and gut instincts when determining whether a product is reputable. If something seems off or gimmicky about the brand, go with your gut and look into another brand that puts your mind more at ease.