CBDs vs OTC & Prescription Pain Pills

We are willing to bet that every house in your neighborhood has a bottle of ibuprofen, aspirin or prescription pain killers, all commonly used to treat minor aches and pains such as joint stiffness, headaches, cramps or muscle soreness. While these treatments are often effective in reducing symptoms, these over-the-counter or prescription pain pills may not be the safest or most practical means for treating such symptoms.

CBDs vs OTC & Prescription Pain Pills

CBDs vs OTC & Prescription Pain Pills

All Natural Vs. All Chemical

We hope that if you’ve taken anything away from learning about CBD use, it’s that it is all natural and non-psychoactive. That means there are close to zero chances of side effects and no chance of harm to your body with CBD use. The same cannot be said for over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription pain pills.

OTC pain medicines have physiological risks to consider such as: stomach issues, harm to your kidneys, and an increase in blood pressure. Prescription pain medications often have a litany of side effects and complications that can occur, including severe digestive issues such as diarrhea and constipation, nausea and vomiting, sexual dysfunction, hallucinations and dependency.

CBDs not only do not cause these same issues, but often are used to treat digestive irregularities and the feelings of stress that often lead to an increase in blood pressure. Choosing to use CBD over a prescription pain pill also eliminates your risk of hallucinations or dysphoria, and perhaps most importantly, dependency.

Low-Cost Vs. Big Pharma

If you currently have a recurring prescription medication(s), there is no doubt that you have experienced the shock that can come with a standard trip to the pharmacy. It is no secret that Big Pharma likes to pad their wallets and their profit margins, making many prescriptions unrealistic for a mid to low income families.

Luckily with CBDs, you aren’t buying from one of the leading private sectors political powerhouses. Instead, you are buying from small brands that believe in the healing properties of plants.

If you are considering paying the high costs of prescription pain relievers, either out of pocket or via insurance, we encourage you to do your health and your pocket book a favor and give CBDs a try.

Aiding Vs. Addicting

Every day, 115 people in the United States die from opioid overdoses, according the National Institute on Drug Abuse. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that opioid misuse costs the Unites States an estimated $78.5 billion dollars a year. If you or someone you know hasn’t been affected by the opioid crisis yet, the numbers indicate that eventually you will be.

If the harmful physical effects and high financial burden of using prescription pain pills is not enough, consider this: you. You are worth more than suffering from an unnecessary addiction or putting yourself at risk for one. We understand that there are sometimes situations in life where a prescription pain killer may be warranted, but please, do not take the use of them lightly. Only use prescription opioids if truly necessary and only under the supervision of your physician, and never take more than is recommended.

If you are on the fence about switching to CBD from reliance on over the counter (OTC) or prescription pain killers, we challenge you to give it a shot.